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Capital Dental Equipment Summer Digest 2018

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What is CSR to us?

by Shane Stevens

Happy belated Independence Day and thank you to all who help support the greatest freedom maintaining force the world has ever seen. We all have a great deal on our plates already, however, I like to think we are always capable of giving more. For this newsletter, I wanted to focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), not because it's something we feel we must do, but rather something we are compelled to do. But first, what is Corporate Social Responsibility?

There is no single accepted definition of CSR, which leads to plenty of confusion about what constitutes a CSR activity. We can begin to develop a working definition of CSR by thinking about its dual objectives—benefiting business and society—and the range of potential benefits to the business and to their immediate community. While we help the people in our communities, we strive to be recognized as a company of choice for future opportunities.

Why is CSR important to us or any business you ask? First and foremost, I love seeing our team helping others. It not only allows me to see the compassion of the team but it strengthens a common bond amongst the group by helping others. The DHMS family do not only take great satisfaction in helping others less fortunate though. Many of our clients are military members whom we take great pride in honoring them and supporting them through several different local and national organizations.

DHMS and its sister companies CDE, MDS and APMD engage in many community giving activities that contribute to the health, welfare and quality of life for seniors, children, students, veterans, the homeless and refugees. Anytime a need or opportunity arises, we find within our staff and contractors, willing hearts ready to jump at the opportunity to lend a hand. I have found that Dentists, Dental Assistants and others associated with this field are some of the most generous/giving people on earth.

Here's a list of some of our notable contributions and community giving partners. If there's an opportunity that you think we should be involved in, fill out the contact form on our Corporate Social Responsibility page with your ideas. Tell us how you think we should give back!


by Katelyn Clark

Every other Thursday, I get the infinite pleasure of choosing what we will eat at our bi-monthly company lunch. Pleasure that is as long as I pick something that pleases everyone! Let me tell you, that it's just about impossible, though made infinitely easier when our only vegetarian became a remote employee. One way I can please everyone on is choosing a food truck, caterer, or restaurant that's in the local Cedar Park area. Because giving our business to local businesses is a vital part of the culture at DHMS. We may work all over the country and across the seas, but a vibrant local community is still a central part of what defines us at Dental Health Management Solutions.

In order for our company to succeed we must maintain strong relationships in the community. A stronger community equates to a stronger business. We believe we should encourage our team to share their time, talent or treasure within our community, no matter how small. Even if it's just picking the restaurant.

Last week was our 4th of July company bash, and boy was it a struggle picking what to eat. Well, not really. It's Austin, of course we went with BBQ! So we called in an up and coming restaurant called Paw-Paw’s BBQ. If you're already in Austin or plan on visiting the Austin area, check out these other great food vendors that made a recent appearance at DHMS: Mama Noy’s Food Truck, Serrano’s Tex-Mex, and Dripping Wings Food Truck.


by John Woerhle

X-ray technician demonstrating how the software for one of our refurbished CBCT units.

Complex and Indispensable. While these two words may describe a number of items, they certainly apply to your Digital Radiography System. From the simplest Pan to the most complex CBCT, there are very few systems in a dental practice that can match the complexity of a digital radiography system. The diagnostic information obtained is truly indispensable.

If a system is complex, you need precise manufacturing, refurbishing, and maintenance. If a device is indispensable, you need service that is dependable. Precise and dependable describes the Technical Service Department at Capital Dental Equipment.

Forrest refurbishing a pre-owned Kodak CBCT systemAs dental practices evolve, technology needs to change. Dentists starting to place implants will find that they need to upgrade from a 2D system to a CBCT. By the same token, a new dentist may need upgraded technology to allow his/her practice to reach its full potential.

Capital Dental Equipment can help. We buy, refurbish, and resell dental digital radiography equipment.

Even before CDE purchases a unit from a dentist, our technicians evaluate it to be sure that it can be brought back to original manufacturer’s specifications. Our team evaluates the age of the unit, image quality and appearance, prior to making an offer. We make sure to coordinate the removal of a unit with the arrival of the new unit to insure a minimal disruption to the practice.

Erik working on one of our Digital Panoramic X-ray systems

Once a machine reaches Capital Dental Equipment, our highly trained technicians dive in. Components are checked are re-checked. We will only deliver units that are in perfect working condition and “like new” in appearance. Every unit is fully warranted. Extended warranties are also available on most units.

We take our commitment to our customers very seriously. Once we sell a refurbished system, we schedule a time convenient to the staff so that once installation is complete, our technician can perform an introductory training session while on site.

Every step that our Technicians take is designed to offer our clients the best system at the best price producing the best ROI for the dentist's investment.

Feel free to put our professional and experienced tech team to the test! Visit the rest of our website to learn more about our team and all that we do at Capital Dental Equipment.




Summer is here and if you are looking for creative ways to afford your dream vacation, here are some money saving tips from the Dental Health Management Solutions Accounting team.

First tip is to learn how to pay yourself first. For every paycheck, save a portion by automating your savings. Set up an automatic direct deposit (or transfers) so a portion of your earnings goes directly into your savings account, without you noticing. This savings account will grow enough for you to afford your dream vacation next summer.

Lifestyle Habits to Help you Save for your Dream Vacation

Second tip is to develop a habit of saving money. This is more important than saving a certain amount, as this habit will last a lifetime. Start by being conscious of how you spend money. Develop a budget for daily, weekly and monthly spending. Set up a written budget and do your best to spend within it. After you're fully aware of how you're spending money, track the extra money you have from following your budget, then make a commitment to save your savings. For example, if you start buying generic items and save $20 on your monthly, commit to increasing your investments by $20.

Once you're fully aware of how you spend your money, take note of your emotional state. There are times when a shopping spree is exactly what you think you need to feel better. However, think in the longterm and your overall financial life. Instead of splurging when you’re upset, notice the temptation and emotion and opt to exercise instead. By doing this, not only will you develop a healthy financial lifestyle, you will also have a healthy body and sound mind. Lastly, develop patience by waiting 30 days before any splurging and give yourself time to think about it. Ask yourself, "If I didn't miss it, did I really need it?" This question will save you from any impulse buying regrets!

Last tip in saving for your dream vacation is to create a money mantra. Write it down. Say it with confidence at night and in the morning. Print a picture and tape it to your fridge/coffee maker/computer screen...etc. Have a vision of your dream vacation, and how to achieve it. This will instill in your mind what you are working toward and why.

Hope these tips will help you in achieving your dream vacation and a happy life. As what Lillian Gish said…"A happy life is one spent in learning, earning and yearning."

~The Accounting Team

Thanks for reading our newsletter to find out more about Dental Health Management Solutions, be sure to browse the rest of the site. If you have a suggestion for how you think we should give back to the community, feel free to let us know by filling out our suggestion form on our parent company's responsibility page.

Thanks again!

~the Capital Dental Equipment Team

Memorial Day Insider

CDE Newsletter 4/18 by Jacqueline Knell

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Promo Reel Released

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Ascentium Capital

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